How It Works


Can't afford it? Well now you can!
e all want things we cannot afford, it's life? But now on UbuyIsell if you see something you like you can afford it, with simple £2.00 a week payments.
You can look over products before you buy by simply clicking the GO TO STORE tab, if you see something you like, just register for a FREE account.
Then if you wish to buy a product on weekly terms click on " CASH ON DELIVERY " as payment method on the checkout page.

Please note you can buy products outright by clicking on " Paypal " as your payment method.

When we have received your order we will set up a payment link for you, we will send this to your registered email address, simply click on the link and you will be directed to PayPal the easiest and most secure payment platform in the world. If you do not have an account with PayPal it does not matter you can set it up with your debit or credit card.

Please note there is no interest charged on any item.

Your first payment of £2.00 will be immediately, and then weekly there after till the item is paid for. After first payment we will ship the goods to your address of choice, this will  then set up the binding agreement for you to pay

Please note you can purchase more than one item but these have to be set up separately.